Sex tourism phnom phen 2007 2008

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Cambodia is a destination for Vietnamese women and girls trafficked for prostitution. As in Chinese business etiquette, business partners associates have an obligation to make sure that the clients are satisfied with their stay in Cambodia.

Sex tourism phnom phen 2007 2008

Many of these businesses have separate VIP rooms which customers can rent and use for sexual activities. There were no cases of labor agents being held responsible for the trafficking of migrant workers, or being prosecuted.

Sex tourism phnom phen 2007 2008

Sex tourism phnom phen 2007 2008

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  1. The Ministry of Interior MOI reported receiving complaints of 53 trafficking cases from April to March ; thirty-five cases were sex trafficking involving 60 victims and 11 were labor trafficking cases involving victims.

    Within Cambodia's sex tourism industry, those facilities catering to Asian men have been largely uncharted territory for this Mission as well as for many in the NGO community, given the lack of personnel with Chinese language capability.

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