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I know which I am more inclined to trust. Jatinder, Spain It's brilliant. By sharing her before and after pictures, she invites us to know that she has undergone a transformation by practicing what she preaches.


Last year wasn't great in many ways —- stressful work situation, the collapse of relocation plans, one health scare after another, and pushing 13 stone lbs. I've been able to incorporate a lot of the ideas that you suggested into my everyday life now.



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  1. I like to have green juice, some probiotic food or drink, some raw chocolate or smoothie with superfoods and lots of big green salads in my day, alongside a small amount of sweet fruit. I first became interested in detoxing in a big way around the new year, and at that time you couldn't move for detox products, articles, diets, manuals, programmes etc -— all working on the principle that you can treat your body like a rubbish dump for 11 months of the year, then live on lettuce and lemon juice for a month and set it all back to rights again, only to return to the same cycle of self-abusing behaviour once you finish the programme and you are magically 'detoxed' -— this is madness!

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