Siamese cats brisbane

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Many enjoy being with people and are sometimes described as "extroverts". A lap or two is very inviting and warm to cuddle into.

Siamese cats brisbane

For clients who have never experienced the joy of owning one or two of these beautiful souls, the immense joy awaits you. If they are still with me at 16 weeks, the same protocol applies with vaccination and worming.

Siamese cats brisbane

Siamese cats brisbane

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  1. Siamese are usually very affectionate and intelligent cats, renowned for their social nature. The breed originated in Thailand formerly known as Siam , where they are one of several native breeds and are called Wichian Mat a name meaning "moon diamond".

    In the 20th century the Siamese cat became one of the most popular breeds in Europe and North America.

    Don't think you have a favorite chair of your own, as the minute you sit, they think the act is purely for their benefit. Worming every 3 months after 16 weeks, for life.

    The eyes are medium to slightly large, a full almond shape but not extremely "oriental".

    The Siamese are no wall flowers, as they want to be involved in everything you do. A lap or two is very inviting and warm to cuddle into.

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