Signs of being a sexaholic

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If you come at him with "You fucking asshole, I know you cheated on me," you won't get an honest response. It is important for a person seeking help for a sexual addiction to find a trained and skilled therapist who understands the nuances of healthy sexual relationships versus unhealthy ones, and can help guide the person toward long-term recovery. Other signs of a sex addiction include:

Signs of being a sexaholic

Any amount of heroin use, for example, is clearly problematic, but there is nothing inherently wrong with sexual activity, even when it happens very frequently. Because the addict is keeping a secret -- and living a double life -- he's also covering it up. Ending the relationship will still be an option in an hour or a day.

Signs of being a sexaholic

Signs of being a sexaholic

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  1. It can take a million different forms. Lost wages due to the impact of an addiction on the ability to maintain quality performance on the job.


    Random, unexplained charges show up.

    You just had some of the most awesome sex of your life.

    I had never believed that I could tell someone how fucked up I was and have her still be my friend. Jobs may be affected or lost.

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