Slave breeding farms

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Louisville, Kentucky , on the Ohio River was a major slave market and port for shipping slaves downriver by the Mississippi to the South. She was of high spirits and determined disposition.

Slave breeding farms

Some white interviewers, despite project guidelines for transcribing the narratives, used stereotypical patterns of representing black speech. Nay, believe, with me, that the half can never be told of the misery the poor slaves are still suffering in this so- called land of freedom.

Slave breeding farms

Slave breeding farms

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    She had three chillun for him and when he died his brother come and got the gal and the chillun. He used the same procedure if he thought a certain couple was not producing children fast enough.

    Then there was a fuss between him and his wife, and he sold all the children but the oldest slave daughter.

    The white men not going to tell and the nigger women were always afraid to. Workers were assigned to the task for which they were best physically suited according to the overseer.

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