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After all, we know that students learn best when they can figure things out for themselves , rather than being given facts to be memorized — the charred ceilings of many high school chemistry labs can attest to that. Can you teach kids about climate change?

Sophia core salem oregon sex

We need to be proactive and give young learners the tools to observe the effects of a changing climate for themselves. If exploring space can be cool, with a planetary mobile in every classroom, why not saving the planet?

Sophia core salem oregon sex

Sophia core salem oregon sex

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  1. Nasa has already shifted from exclusively exploring outer space to exploring our planet — and a large portion of its research now focuses on the impact of climate change on our environment.

    Climate change curricula should be based on real-time empirical data, encourage hands-on participation and problem-solving, and offer a pragmatic approach to what individuals can do and are doing to combat climate change.

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