Sprinter workout

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Ab circuit walk back rec. For example, Saturday is the only high intensity day so therefore Sunday is of low intensity to act as an active recovery day and not drain the CNS further from the day before.

Sprinter workout

Even in the forward lean required by sprinting, do not lose core control. Notice the abs of Olympic sprinters. This acceleration and drills session is the one skill session per week where the athlete gets a chance to work on skills that are useful in race performance.

Sprinter workout

Sprinter workout

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  1. With a strong connection to the ground, the core must work harder to push and keep the midline tight and secure.


    With the added benefit of building muscle along with speed, sprinting helps you build and define the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, while at the same time burning off the fat layers that hide the muscles underneath. The training days follow a low intensity-high intensity alternating pattern.


    This helps build speed and also with prevention of injuries or tweaks.

    Stopping suddenly before or after crossing your line and turning back causes more injury than anything else.

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