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Currently, there are no official discussions for the use of IBAN codes for handling international transfers. When you are looking to transfer money to Australia there will be a number of ways you could make the money transfer, the main options being to transfer the money through a bank, a money sending bureaux or a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay. Transferring money through these services will however be a costly way to make the money transfer as they provide poor exchange rates and charge significant transfer fees, so the recipient will not get the full balance of the money you transfer.

St george bondi junction

For example, the BSB code may correspond to: If this system is used to carry out these transactions, BSB and bank account codes are required for debiting one account and crediting the other. This code is also linked to the account number database of each financial organization.

St george bondi junction

St george bondi junction

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  1. The format of BSB and its account number is only is used exclusively inside the organization and the account number can be transferred between two or more financial organizations.

    Or maybe you want to transfer money to your bank account back home in Australia? The first two digits act as identifiers of the banking institution e.


    This code is also linked to the account number database of each financial organization.

    George Bank Australia, Xendpay will be able to assisst you. Any EFT transactions that take place between two or more bank accounts are processed by the Direct Entry system.

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