Status to make ex jealous

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The only thing in life that I will force is my jeans over my ass.. When you post a well-put together photo in this category, you will pull a lot of male attention to your post in the form of likes, and comments.

Status to make ex jealous

Sometimes a WhatsApp jealousy status can make someone envious of your success. Updates like that would either make an ex cringe with jealousy or burn with anger. Your ex will definitely wonder who is on the other side of the camera.

Status to make ex jealous

Status to make ex jealous

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  1. Wear a cute apron, do your hair and makeup, and get a shot of yourself by the stove.

    Wear a cute apron, do your hair and makeup, and get a shot of yourself by the stove.

    You have to remember how your face feels at that angle and expression.

    Show some bare arm or leg, make sure your lashes are fluttering, you get the picture!

    If you told them that you were dining out, you don't want them to see that you were last using WhatsApp during the time you were supposed to be eating.

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