Strip clubs harrisburg pa

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Just blocks away from Michigan State University, this club was VERY popular with students for many years until getting shut down I think because of liquor violations Always Guarenteed to pick up. Klassex night tuesdays reeled in new-wave discophiles, while Britpop Thursdays attracted a slightly gayer crowd.

Strip clubs harrisburg pa

You sat on wooden boxes covered with carpet. I went back in '88 and it was boarded up. Get's the job done!

Strip clubs harrisburg pa

Strip clubs harrisburg pa

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  1. The club was eventually reopened many years later as a BW3 restaurant Michigan chain? I had the pleasure to work with him a year and a half ago when we were doing a cover photo shoot with my Corvette.

    Bayou Mamma Houston, Texas

    There is now a Wendy's where it used to be. It played very cool dance music with independent DJs and occaisional bands and was a very big part of the 'scene' in the mid 80s in Chicago.


    Housed in a formerly swanky ladies club in a seedy area of downtown Detroit, this was the place to see live bands in ' I saw The March Violets there.

    In , the entire hotel was restored and became a gay resort, and the club was turned into a gay disco called Paradise.

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