Swallowing body language

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The hippocampus is responsible for various nonverbal signals due to the root emotions it creates. A comfort position, but also one that reveals insecurity and a lack of confidence and in more extreme cases even secretiveness as if a person has something to hide. The speaker wishes for the audience to accept his way of thinking or is trying to wrap his mind around his own hypothesis.

Swallowing body language

Puckered A light puckering of the lips into a kiss shape typically indicates desire. Stress indicator due to low saliva production as the fear response of a person is activated. A type of gait where the legs can not perform a full stride due to injury.

Swallowing body language

Swallowing body language

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    Another possibility is distress, where the person is trying not to cry or turn down their mouth in sadness. Palm down handshakes emphasizes that a person wishes to control and dominant us, the palm up means someone feels subordinate and an even palm seeks an equal relationship.

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