The pleasures of natural sex

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However, according to research, many husbands do not lick the right places well or sometimes; they do not stay long enough to make their wives climax. On the other hand, you can simultaneously insert your finger into her vagina and caress it as the clitoral kissing is going on, by using the thumb to drive her wild and the other hand to rub her pubic heap. One step at a time is the best secret code; so while together, have your hands under her then stroke her clitoris through her panties to build the anticipation of feeling your fingers against her wet skin.

The pleasures of natural sex

Spontaneous sex, which is still rated as the best sex, happens more often among couples that share same bedroom and mattress. These are the best vibrators for both masturbation and partner sex. Take the action to the next level by sliding your hand under her panties.

The pleasures of natural sex

The pleasures of natural sex

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