The sex of love birds

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Cuttlebones help provide beak-trimming and a source of calcium and other necessary minerals. Their dominant and territorial nature can be a big issue with other pets -- such as birds in the household, but even cats, dogs will be ferociously attacked. I have heard of the odd male who has mastered the art of "tucking and carrying" -- but I have never witnessed one myself.

The sex of love birds

Since birds' sex organs are inside their bodies, the vet will have to anesthetize your birds and make an incision to insert an optical fiber to take a look inside. Birds that do not receive this attention become prone to behavioral problems, including feather picking. Natural perches and special rough surfaced perches of varying diameters placed at different levels in the cage will allow greater climbing mobility and gives them a choice to select the most comfortable spot to roost.

The sex of love birds

The sex of love birds

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  1. Parrot species including cockatiels are biologically vegetarian species. Lovebirds are also very active and love to chew things.

    Lovebirds like the masked lovebird, the peach-faced lovebird and Fischer's lovebird are nearly impossible to tell one gender from the other.

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