The unwanteds quiz

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Or a warning not to run. If you had to choose between going to America and leaving all your friends behind, or staying in Artime but watching all your friends go, which would you choose? Alex glanced at Aaron, whose face showed the tiniest emotion.

The unwanteds quiz

Alexander Stowe was not one of those, either. The Death Farm is magically converted into a fantastical land called Artime, complete with hybrid talking animals, animated objects, and a benevolent mage.

The unwanteds quiz

The unwanteds quiz

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  1. Standing off to the side watching the battle and forming some intelligent plan to take the enemy down. When Alex is culled from his family and sent to die, he is surprised to discover that the Unwanteds are actually taken to a hidden city called Artime, where they are not only trained in the traditional arts, but also in the magic that these arts unlock.

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