Theta chi lavalier

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The letters have a long history and symbolism attached to it. One guy can lavalier only one girl, this makes the ceremony very special. Feb 28, Did You Know?

Theta chi lavalier

He can ask permission from his fraternity brothers, and get the monogrammed letters. We carry pretty half-heart pendants in silver or gold that declare Big Sis on one half and Little Sis on the other. All the girls of the sorority sit in a circle and pass a lit candle around.

Theta chi lavalier

Theta chi lavalier

Shop our but sorority crest pendants and fun rest-flop charms combined with Greek letters of your despite. They have his own set of atheists and rules. Theta chi lavalier

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  1. Sorority sisters have also made our keepsake lavaliers popular Mother's Day gifts. It is a custom to name them with two or three Greek letters.

    They have their own set of traditions and rules. Choose a contemporary look for school and casual outings.

    It is a custom to name them with two or three Greek letters.

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