Tiny tiny rss not updating

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Obviously, no updates will happen when tt-rss is not open or your computer is not running. Running under systemd You can setup the daemon as a simple systemd service like this: If you see HTTP headers being displayed when you run php.

Tiny tiny rss not updating

Periodical updating from crontab, using update script update. Update daemon This is the recommended way to update feeds. They also have a free trial available, so you can give TT-RSS a try before you hand over any of your hard earned cash.

Tiny tiny rss not updating

Tiny tiny rss not updating

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  1. Please use it if you have access to PHP command line interpreter and can run background processes.

    There is also an Android app available on the Google Play Store, so that you can get your feeds on your mobile device. You absolutely have to have tt-rss open in a browser tab on a running computer somewhere.


    There are two quick and easy ways to make your feeds update automatically.

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