Tipperary friends of animals

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Ms Hehir revealed that they had recently rescued a cat that had its fur covered in burnt oil and which had to have most of its hair removed. Tipperary Friends of Animals also traps feral cats, that is, domestic cats that have gone wild either through being abandoned other for other reasons.

Tipperary friends of animals

Many felt they would like to rescue an animal in the future and that a "dog is for life, not just for Christmas". A petition was organised in the school, signatures collected and forwarded to the Council. Meanwhile, while they say you should never work with animals, comedian Brendan "Bottler" Grace disproved that when he turned out to help raise awareness and much needed funds for Tipperary Friends of Animals in The Peppermill restaurant, Nenagh.

Tipperary friends of animals

Tipperary friends of animals

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  1. Also, it was Animal Awareness Week. The whole class was involved in the planning of the questionnaire and the evaluation of the information.

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