Tips for licking vagina

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These 3 techniques are the most effective methods of eating a girl out. Once you master how to lick pussy, women will be falling over themselves to spread thighs for you!

Tips for licking vagina

But even if you know where the clitoris is, what exactly do you do with it? This is all you really need to know to be a pro at cunnilingus. Quick flicks or slow rotations?

Tips for licking vagina

Tips for licking vagina

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  1. Lick the inside of the labia, moving upwards to the hood above the clit. The trick is to use a rhythm you can sustain for a while.


    You will need to use two main techniques — licking and sucking. WhatsApp Cunnilingus, otherwise known as eating out, is one of the most reliable ways to make a woman cum.

    One of the most important tips is to not rush.

    Good pussy eating involves stimulating the clitoris exactly the right amount.

    They focus on stimulating the clitoris with their tongues.

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