Top 10 books to read for men

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An amazing example of one of my favorite genres, the bildungsroman the coming-of-age story, especially heartstring-pulling for young male readers. This book is one of the best memoirs out there. Funny, sad, powerful, this book will stand the test of time.

Top 10 books to read for men

She sends the pagan poet Virgil to guide him through Hell so that he can right his ways and get to Heaven. This book motivates me every time I pick it up to read small sections randomly. It is well-researched and brings together a lot of findings to ask a seriously important and relevant question — you have so much success, why are you still unhappy?

Top 10 books to read for men

Top 10 books to read for men

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  1. Schwartz Belief, strong belief, triggers the mind into big action. This book is one of the best memoirs out there.

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