Top social apps for iphone

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WeChat is where you go to pay bills, hail rides, play casual games, browse news, send friends money, and much more. The important feature of this app is WhatsApp Web, which allows users to use all phone app features on the browser of the computer.

Top social apps for iphone

Canva Canva is an intuitive design app for photo editing and graphic creation. Guided by its young cofounder Evan Spiegel, the app quickly took off with college students and teens who helped buoy the app from obscurity to the top of the charts in the span of a year. The app became so popular that Facebook acquired it.

Top social apps for iphone

Top social apps for iphone

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  1. I like its massive sticker gallery that features a variety of stuff to spice up your messaging.


    The short-lived messages were responsible for the instant hit among college students, who like to create photos with awkward selfies, blurry videos, and funny faces. The app looked better than Meerkat, but also felt somewhat incomplete.

    The app has since improved significantly and seems like a somewhat more integrated part of the Twitter universe.

    It is the most downloaded apps in the US today. Plus, you can share your real-time location and also share your fascinating pics on the personal photo stream.

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