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Not only will human beings be resurrected to eternal life, but also all animals - everything that has ever lived on earth - will be resurrected and dwell in heaven. The basic message and approach, however, is still essentially the same. One can easily deceive oneself into "feeling" something that is really not true at all.

Toy text messenger

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Toy text messenger

Toy text messenger

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  1. There are hundreds of others. The church and its "prophet, seer and revelator" accepted them as genuine historical documents.

    He stated that the scrolls were written by the biblical Abraham "by his own hand.

    In the years since, the LDS church has made many fundamental changes in the "pure and original" ritual as "restored" by Smith, mostly by removing major parts of it. Most of the witnesses later abandoned Smith and left his movement.

    We should not pray to Jesus, nor try to feel a personal relationship with him. If you do not remain celibate, you may be excommunicated.

    The present president of the church is a "prophet, seer and revelator" just as Joseph Smith was, and guides the members of the church through revelations and guidance from God.

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