Trafalgar gippsland

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Affordable homes are still on offer in Trafalgar, situated squarely in West Gippsland Gourmet Country. Mayor Tyson says the pressure placed on infrastructure by urban sprawl was a big concern for many residents. Trafalgar is a wonderful place to live.

Trafalgar gippsland

The amount of water running off this development [Villeneuve Estate] and the other development, Brindlewood, on the southern edge of the town, cause a lot of water to flow under the railway line and freeway across to the northern side of the town and we need to deal with that," he says. Trafalgar is a wonderful place to live.

Trafalgar gippsland

Trafalgar gippsland

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  1. The town of Trafalgar has grown rapidly over the last five years, and the Mayor of Baw Baw Shire, Adam Tyson, says the council has had to make more land available for residential development. But some local residents say the new housing developments are causing drainage problems for the rest of the town.

    Located in a growth corridor of family living and retirement communities, Trafalgar is surrounded by lush green pastures, rolling hills and state forests.

    Permalink Share As the eastern suburbs of Melbourne encroach further into West Gippsland, services in towns like Yarragon, Drouin and Trafalgar are being put to the test.

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