Trump campaign chair arrested

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No one on the campaign, including Manafort, has been charged with a crime directly related to Russian attempts to sway the election. The order by U. Prosecutors have also given no indication they are pursuing a plea deal or consider his testimony essential to the probe given the amount of evidence — and other cooperators — they've amassed in the last year.

Trump campaign chair arrested

Trump responds to DoJ report, saying he 'did a great service' by firing Comey Read more Manafort, 69, thus became the second former Trump aide to go to jail related to charges brought by the special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian election interference and links between Trump aides and Moscow. Hours after Manafort was jailed, Trump tweeted:

Trump campaign chair arrested

Trump campaign chair arrested

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  1. A very short period of time. Prosecutors alleged that Manafort sought to tamper with witnesses in his case by contacting them and attempting to coordinate testimony.

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