Unity singles

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More info See in Glossary , and bloom A post-processing effect used to reproduce an imaging artifact of real-world cameras. The following examples demonstrate what you need to change in your fragment shader code to support Single Pass Stereo rendering.

Unity singles

UnityStereoClamp uv, sb uv: For Single Pass Stereo rendering using Blit , texture samplers in Shaders have an additional auto-calculated variable which refers to the correct half of a packed stereo Render Texture, depending on the eye being drawn.

Unity singles

Unity singles

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  1. In the second example, the shader transforms the destination coordinates in Single Pass Stereo mode to refer to the part of the output Texture that represents the eye currently being rendered. Both methods reference the entire output of the previous post-processing effect in the chain.


    Use this to apply a per-eye clamping in Single Pass Stereo rendering mode to avoid color bleeding between eyes. Blit or a fullscreen polygon with a Texture map to draw each post-processing effect.

    Otherwise, this returns the texture coordinates unmodified.

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