Updating electrical outlets cost

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Different appliances or electrical products require different outlets. These are not always conveniently located, which is a major reason for additional installations to be necessary. Two-pronged outlets are fine for charging phones, plugging in fans and other technology of that nature.

Updating electrical outlets cost

Recently, vacant house in Lebanon, Indiana, caught fire because of bad electrical wiring. Luckily, installing such an outlet is usually the same price as a standard outlet. However, if a sink is within six feet, you need a grounded outlet.

Updating electrical outlets cost

Updating electrical outlets cost

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  1. None of the following enhancements should vastly increase your electrician costs, but you should be aware of all your options: The costs for a project will include:

    Two-pronged outlets are fine for charging phones, plugging in fans and other technology of that nature. This is particularly true if new circuits are required in the fuse panel too.

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    Grounded outlets, or GFCI outlets, are protected by surge protectors.


    One of the first things an electrician will do is see if you need new wiring.

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