Very hot kissing games

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You draw a circle that is big enough for a bottle to fit in it and around that circle write 5 types of kisses peck, French, etc. Read ' Tell Me Honey

Very hot kissing games

Read ' Tell Me Honey After the animal has been kissed and passed around the entire circle, everyone must kiss the person to their left in the same spot and way that they did to the stuffed animal.

Very hot kissing games

Very hot kissing games

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  1. Mikashakar

    The game continues till the ice cube melts and if you want to play for rewards, the one who is left with the melted ice cube loses and has to do whatever their partner asks for.

    Then fill up the pattern with kisses from your own lips.

    Then each person thinks of an animal and writes it down on a piece of paper.

    The first person to complete the task wins. The one who is the first to blink or loosen the liplock is the loser.

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