Westwind drive in reno nv

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They were also one of the first drive in theater chains to fully embrace the new digital technology, allowing for a piece of Americana in a modern world. Plus, you get double features each night, instead of just one movie at the indoor theaters. The West Wind Drive-Ins are taking this great value one step further, and will be hosting a Free Movie Night featuring summer movie blockbusters:

Westwind drive in reno nv

There is also an arcade on the premises that guests of all ages can visit either before the show or during intermission. Dining and Shopping There is a snack bar located at the West Wind, providing guests with a variety of different drink and food options. One of the more popular are the Customer Appreciation Nights, hosted a few times a year and providing free admission.

Westwind drive in reno nv

Westwind drive in reno nv

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  1. Ability to work with little or no supervision, manage time effectively and multi-task.

    Admission includes a double feature, but guests can choose to watch either the first, the second, or both.

    When visiting the drive-in, the way to hear the audio of the movies is by using the FM radio already located in the car.

    Value is another major reason drive-ins are growing.

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