What is emotional intimacy

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When you are feeling your best and in touch with how you are thinking and feeling, you can participate more fully, mindfully, and meaningfully. Then, commit to putting aside your fear and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your partner so you can continue to have emotional intimacy in your relationship.

What is emotional intimacy

Are you practicing vulnerability? If you find something that your partner has done in error, forgive them and then make a choice. In order to build emotional intimacy in your relationship, you must trust your partner wholeheartedly.

What is emotional intimacy

What is emotional intimacy

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  1. You cannot give more of yourself to your partner until you have more to give. This can be an example of a metric one may use to determine their intimacy; by reflecting on how much detail they know about their partner; and how comfortable they are with mutual communication, especially on topics that are difficult or highly personal.

    Can you bring their attention to it without hurting their feelings? Likewise, look after your own physical and spiritual health so that you are better able to provide support to your partner.

    Definitions vary on this subject.

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