What percentage of women shave their pubic area

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Some people mistake the feel of stubble for added thickness and believe that shaving stimulates hair growth. A pause, to get used to your new life, where you know this, this that you can never unknow. June 29,

What percentage of women shave their pubic area

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What percentage of women shave their pubic area

What percentage of women shave their pubic area

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  1. It's in line with the current cultural trend of what people consider to be the definition of sexy, she said. A visit with the doctor inspired 40 percent of women to groom down there A trip to the stirrups is a motivating factor for women who groom, with studies reporting 40 percent have touch-ups prior.

    Of course, with all our obsessive grooming nowadays, we may also be moving pubic lice toward way of extinction. Use protection like condoms and dental dams.

    Groomers considered themselves to be hairier than those nongroomers.

    One common assumption about why women groom their public hair is that it makes certain sex acts better, Rowen told Live Science.


    Pubic hair has long been a prickly subject.

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