When to let go of an ex

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She spent her days writing, dancing, singing, running, doing yoga, going on adventures, and having long conversations. It's not up to you to decide if she's "right for him" or not, but it is up to you to step aside. This is your time.

When to let go of an ex

You're afraid to get hurt again No one is going to deny that breaking up is hard and hurts really bad. Also, don't forget that anger is part of the grieving process , so while he may just be figuring out what his life looks like now that the relationship has ended, you still don't need to have that kind of negativity around you.

When to let go of an ex

When to let go of an ex

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  1. Find something stunning that will make you smile when you look at it instead of staring into those dreamy eyes of his and wishing for the old days. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe.

    Cultivate your interests and embrace this time. Take his lead on this one and give yourself the same distance.

    You're just missing being in a relationship, or being in love. He's mean or angry towards you When it comes to friendships and the people we keep around us, we wouldn't tolerate someone who is mean or angry, so why would you do that with your ex?

    So if you're finding yourself stuck in that ex-rut, let me help you see things clearly. Sometimes when you are in the haze of a difficult breakup, it is hard to tell if the feelings you are having are normal given your situation, or if you are abnormally stuck on your former partner.

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