Who is jeezy dating 2013

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Haven't any of these celebrity couples learned anything from jay-z and beyonce?? On the track Pusha T raps, "No amount of record sales could derail this Young Jeezy has a sister named Katrina Wright.

Who is jeezy dating 2013

Wow, suckin dick in a club really does get u far these days. Two months later, on July 22, , the second intended single off the album was released, a track called "Shake Life," although it was later scrapped. That she said they were not a couple..

Who is jeezy dating 2013

Who is jeezy dating 2013

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  1. I know this is a gossip site but if something isn't first hand knowledge then you should inform your readers. Early in the year, she had claimed that she had little income, no assets, and did not even have a house.

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