Why is the government mandating digital tv

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But Jones also emphasizes that to get the best digital TV experience consumers should buy a new digital or high-definition TV. The technological advances in recent years have certainly not neglected the TV, and digital television can be seen as the most significant advance sine the introduction of colour television in the s.

Why is the government mandating digital tv

Cable TV distribution broadly involves three phases: However, these newer technologies have their own drawbacks, such as no way to store programs long-term DVR or being limited to only 1—2 hours with high quality XP mode DVD-R.

Why is the government mandating digital tv

Why is the government mandating digital tv

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    Due to a lack of Commerce Department funds to provide for additional converter box coupons, and on account of other potential problems, the Barack Obama transition team asked Congress in a January 8, , letter to delay the end of analog TV.

    Lastly, many low-power broadcasters have been temporarily permitted to transmit in analog for several years. In all, the FCC signed on full-power stations after the original allocation of digital signals.

    The book provides an overview and analysis of the current state of digital television and its regulatory status. DTV provides sharper pictures, CD-quality sound, and better colour images.

    During these tests, broadcasters turn off their analog signals.

    Most affected were full-power broadcasters which had been on low-VHF channels.

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