Widow or widower

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She could no longer wear a red dot sindur on her forehead and was forbidden to wear wedding jewellery. Widow inheritance Widow inheritance also known as bride inheritance is a cultural and social practice whereby a widow is required to marry a male relative of her late husband, often his brother. It seems evident that the different ways widow and widower are used is left over from the days when women were defined in language by men and not as individuals in the own right — hence "the widow of X".

Widow or widower

Despite the fact that there are paired words — widow and widower — the way they are used varies greatly. Wars produce many widows, and a black widow is a species of spider whose females eat males after mating with them.

Widow or widower

Widow or widower

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    Max has done well for himself as a young widower, and has been photographed around town with a cavalcade of popular starlets. Wars produce many widows, and a black widow is a species of spider whose females eat males after mating with them.

    For example, women carry more a burden than men and are less willing to want to go through this again. It is argued that this notion arose from the idea that if a husband dies, the woman may have performed witchcraft against him.

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