Wilmot arkansas city hall

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In , John Brooks acquired a land patent to a stretch of land along Lake Enterprise then part of Bartholomew Bayou ; the Wilmot Cemetery is now located on the land that Brooks purchased. The black school, which had burned down in and was replaced in , closed in after school desegregation.

Wilmot arkansas city hall

Cajun Gold Catfish Processors is the largest employer in the city, which also has two restaurants, a grocery store, a convenience store, and a used-car lot. McDermott, a physician and son of inventor Charles McDermott , was hired by the railroad as a tie contractor; he made his home in Wilmot and opened a store in the growing city.

Wilmot arkansas city hall

Wilmot arkansas city hall

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  1. An oil mill producing oil from cotton seeds was built in It was replaced four years later by Wilmot State Bank.

    The Owensteen family operated the steamboat stop, and two or three stores were established at the location following the Civil War. Much of the dirt and many of the stone tool fragments found by the survey team had been imported from other locations rather than produced locally.

    An oil mill producing oil from cotton seeds was built in

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