Wives tales sex of baby

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Does it look, well, just a bit bigger than it used to? Be reassured that any foetal heart rate between BPM is within a normal range. Do you find yourself looking wistfully at old photos and wonder where all those thick lustrous locks have gone?

Wives tales sex of baby

And mellow but clumsy moms must be carrying a boy! There may be some truth to this one because women who are pregnant with girls seem to produce more Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone HCG, which contributes to pregnancy nausea. Who would have thought?

Wives tales sex of baby

Wives tales sex of baby

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  1. One of the lovely surprises of pregnancy is waiting to see what the sex of your baby will be. Who would have thought?


    The conversations between couples are reason alone to check them out so make sure you turn up the volume! It's a boy, though you're also likely to have cold feet and dry hands.


    A bigger right breast is said to indicate a boy baby. Cravings In pregnancy, cravings also come with the territory.

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