Women perving

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Guffaws and mumbles about healthy curiosity are replaced by disgust and dismay. The rest of the cast delivered wisecracks, but in the manner of, say, a smart-ass detective show. That it sometimes seems otherwise is only because pervy men are more acceptable in our culture than pervy women.

Women perving

I hear you exclaim. As an X Factor judge might say, there were pitching problems.

Women perving

Women perving

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  1. Just as teenage girls learn to express their desire in culturally acceptable terms, most women learn to not impose their desire on the unwitting or not person who triggered it.

    Girls learn to say they love Zac Efron for his beautiful singing voice rather than his immensely grab-able arse. I hear you exclaim.


    If the oceans of female drool spilt over Obama and Daniel Craig and Jude Law and Roger Federer et al isn't enough to convince you, consider the fact that women continue to have sex with men despite not being legally or economically or in any other way compelled to do so. Genres jostled with each other like expats at the bar of a far-flung Irish-style pub.

    Young Nicholas is being sexualised before our eyes.

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