Xbmc library not updating tv

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The path to the entry has changed. Locate your Source folder and Enter that folder.

Xbmc library not updating tv

In theory, when you make changes to your folders of either music or videos, your library should update itself. See here for how to name such files.

Xbmc library not updating tv

Xbmc library not updating tv

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  1. Navigate to and enter Files Highlight the source to be refreshed Call up the Context Menu Select Change content Select the required scraper add-on Select OK Kodi will ask Do you want to refresh information for all items within this path? This ensures that you are not at risk of overwriting your library the next time you have a title that requires a particular scraper If you do not want to create a new Source, then follow the above steps but navigate to the actual video and Set Content on that video folder, not the Source folder.

    Answer Yes Kodi will scan the Source and scrape the videos with the new information.

    To do this, go to Video source in the left hand menu of the settings.

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