Zoo models snapchat

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Cramer-Krasselt felt that a Snapchat campaign would be perfect to meet this goal. As the campaign was for a phone network, the videos emphasized the celebrities video chatting about college football.

Zoo models snapchat

Advanced Warfare, to encourage players to talk about the new game. One day Gigi posted a picture of her favorite Nutella crepe, so SapientNitro saw the benefit of using her influencer status to help tell the Nutella story. Again, VaynerMedia shared the entire night via Snapchat.

Zoo models snapchat

Zoo models snapchat

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    They then used Snapchat to release content about Call of Duty: As you would expect with an agency of this size, they have created campaigns, some incorporating social media, for some large and well-known clients, including Activision, Audi, Delta, Nike, Starbucks, Rolls-Royce, and Verizon.

    It resulted in 40 million Snap views and , shares.

    If you are on Snapchat, Vaynerchuk believes you should be posting stories at least per day. They sent her some Nutella, with the hope of gaining some celebrity-leverage.

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